Mini Sessions at The Growing Place Garden Centers in Aurora and Naperville! 


Nov. 16& 17th-Aurora Location

Nov. 30 & Dec. 1-Naperville Location

20 min. Indoor & Outdoor Options

7 digital images chosen from a gallery of 20+ images

48 hour turn-around! 

Q & A

1) Are the sessions outside

Yes! The sessions are to be held on the beautiful grounds of each garden center. I will be setting out our very own winter wonderland with props, lights, trees etc. 

2) What if it's raining/snowing/gross outside? 

We have an indoor greenhouse option if the weather is very inclement. During last year's session it was snowing really hard but we shot some sessions inside & outside! 

3) What should I dress my kids in? 

Something warm but cute! Think layers, jackets, vests, cool hats and scarves. It will most likely be chilly so come prepared. I also have big blankets that make great props as well as kid warmers!

4) Can I get in the picture? 

Yes! I don't like to restrict pictures to "kids only" because the chance to have nice family pictures doesn't happen that often. Immediate family only please. If you would like to add family members time upgrades are available. 

5) What if 20 minutes isn't enough?

In the very, very, very rare case I feel that we didn't get at least 7 images that I can be proud of due to children being well, children, I might have you come back at a different time or a different day for a re-shoot. This has only happened once in my years of shooting. I come prepared with silly props and treats to bribe my way into a fun session if I have to! 

6) When do I get my pictures? 

You will receive your pictures within 48 hours! It will be delivered through a private online gallery link to your email. From there, you can pick your favorite 7 images from a gallery of at least 20 images that will then be sent directly to you to download. You can also order professional prints directly from the gallery and share the link with family/friends. Even better, if you like more than 7 images there will be a full gallery purchase option based on the total amount past 7 favorites. 

You will receive a separate email from me that contains a contract as well as my Style Guide Magazine.